Weekly Reading

I wanted to share with the world the blogs I read weekly. I figured the best way to do this was to export my RSS feeds from Outlook and post them here, but thought it was a strange path I had to take:

clip_image001 File: Ok, pretty normal so far…
clip_image002 Open: Hmm, I’m not really trying to open anything…
clip_image003 Import: Ok come on now, who would think to click import when they want to EXPORT something?!
clip_image004 Well, at least I found it!

Anyway, I really enjoy the materials that come from these blogs so I figured I should give them all a plug here. If you’re interested in the topics, I give these feeds a thumbs up!

[In random order because I’m feeling lazy]

· System Center Virtual Machine Manager

o http://blogs.technet.com/scvmm/rss.xml

· Telnet Port 25

o http://www.telnetport25.com/index.php?format=feed&

· Dgoldman’s WebLog

o http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman/rss.xml

· The MED-V Team Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/medv/rss.xml

· You Had Me At EHLO…

o http://msexchangeteam.com/rss.aspx

· The Official SBS Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/rss.xml

· Carpe Diem: Flaphead.com

o http://flaphead.com/rss.aspx

· Ask the Directory Services Team

o http://blogs.technet.com/askds/rss.xml

· BPOSitive

o http://blogs.technet.com/bpositive/rss.xml

· Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) Team Blog

o http://blogs.msdn.com/rds/rss.xml

· Elan Shudnow’s Blog

o http://feeds.shudnow.net/eshudnow

· Beta Exam Announcements 

o http://blogs.technet.com/betaexams/rss.xml

· Roger’s Security Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/rhalbheer/rss.xml

· UK Live@Edu Blog

o http://blogs.msdn.com/ukliveatedu/rss.xml

· Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team

o http://blogs.technet.com/networking/rss.xml

· All Backed Up

o http://blogs.technet.com/jbuff/rss.xml

· Ilse Van Criekinge’s Weblog

o http://blogs.technet.com/ilvancri/rss.xml

· Live@edu Partner Blog

o http://cs.mseducommunity.com/blogs/liveatedu_partners_blog/rss.aspx  

· Is this thing on?

o http://blogs.technet.com/scottschnoll/rss.xml

· Windows Server Division WebLog

o http://blogs.technet.com/windowsserver/rss.xml

· Forefront Team Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/forefront/rss.xml

· Windows Client Demos and Tutorials

o http://www.microsoft.com/feeds/technet/en-us/how-to-videos/Windows_Client_Demos_and_Tutorials.xml

· Visio Insights

o http://blogs.msdn.com/visio/rss.xml

· Exchange Server Share

o http://feeds2.feedburner.com/ExchangeServerShare

· System Center Data Protection Manager – DPM  SCDPM

o http://scdpm.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

· Windows Virtualization Team Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/virtualization/rss.xml

· TechNet Recent Downloads

o http://www.microsoft.com/communities/rss.aspx?&Title=Recent%20Downloads&RssTitle=Recent%20Downloads&CMTYSvcSource=MSCOMDownloads&CMTYRawShape=list&Params=~CMTYDataSvcParams%5E~arg%20Name=’languageID’%20Value=’F49E8428-7071-4979-8A67-3CFFCB0C2524’/%5E~arg%20Name=’sortCriteria’%20Value=’date’/%5E~arg%20Name=’sortOrder’%20Value=’descending’/%5E~sParams%5E~params%5E~item%20name=’Consumer’%20value=’scdataconsumer’/%5E~/params%5E~/sParams%5E~/CMTYDataSvcParams%5E&NumberOfItems=50

· Steve Goodman’s Tech Blog

o http://www.stevieg.org/feed/

· Active Directory Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/ad/rss.xml

· Tim McMichael

o http://blogs.technet.com/timmcmic/rss.xml

· Microsoft Online Services Team Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/msonline/rss.xml

· Ctrl P – The Data Protection Manager Blog!

o http://blogs.technet.com/dpm/rss.xml

· The WSiX Network Connection

o http://blogs.technet.com/wsnetdoc/rss.xml

· AD Troubleshooting

o http://blogs.technet.com/instan/rss.xml

· MSExchange.org

o http://rss.msexchange.org/allnews.xml

· Microsoft Forefront Server Protection Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/fss/rss.xml

· Email Migrations – Guides and practical experience

o http://emailmigrations.com/feed

· The things that are better left unspoken

o http://blogs.dirteam.com/blogs/sanderberkouwer/rss.aspx

· Microsoft Learning 

o http://microsoftlearning.simplefeed.net/f/100001s2a18al81me12.rss

· TechNet Edge

o http://edge.technet.com/Feeds/RSS/

· ExchangeInbox Updates

o http://exchangeinbox.com/rss.aspx

· Mike Crowley’s threads

o http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/user/threads?user=Mike%20Crowley&outputAs=rss

· The Official MDOP Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/mdop/rss.xml

· BPOS Rocks

o http://feeds.feedburner.com/BPOSRocks

· Ask Perry

o http://blogs.technet.com/perryclarke/rss.xml

· Live@edu

o http://cid-c76eae4d4a509fbd.users.api.live.net/Users(-4076128965741207619)/Main?$format=rss20

· Brettjo :: Microsoft Exchange Messaging

o http://blogs.technet.com/brettjo/rss.xml

· A Collection of Random Thoughts

o http://blogs.technet.com/benw/rss.xml

· Scott Feltmann’s Blog

o http://feeds2.feedburner.com/scottfeltmann/burn

· The US Partner Learning Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/uspartner_learning/rss.xml

· The App-V Blog

o http://blogs.technet.com/appv/rss.xml

· Jim McBee’s Mostly Exchange Web Log

o http://mostlyexchange.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss


o http://cid-7e30379b059646b8.users.api.live.net/Users(9092828786614224568)/Main?$format=rss20

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