Discontinued Features from Exchange 2010 RTM to Exchange 2010 SP1

In a recent post I pasted the “What’s new” portion of the Exchange 2010 SP1 Help File.  Of course you can get this file and read it for yourself, but in an effort to reduce the strain on your mouse, I’ve again posted content here.  🙂

This time it’s the table of Discontinued or “de-emphasized” elements as you transition from 2010 RTM to 2010 SP1.

BTW – Sometimes de-emphasized means “just please don’t use it” and other times its actually removed or partially removed!

Thankfully it’s a short list!

This section lists the Exchange Server 2010 RTM features that are discontinued in Exchange Server 2010 SP1.

Feature Comments and mitigation
Export-Mailbox and Import-Mailbox Use Mailbox Export Requests or Mailbox Import Request. For more information, see Understanding Mailbox Import and Export Requests.
Federated Delivery Federated delivery allowed messages to be sent in an encrypted format and delivered as if they came from an internal server with internal addresses resolved, unsolicited e-mail and virus filtering results preserved, and trusted system data preserved between federated organizations.
ISInteg Use New-MailboxRepairRequest. For more information, see Understanding Mailbox Repair.
Managed Folders in EMC In Exchange 2010 SP1, use the Shell to administer Managed Folders features such as Managed Default Folders, Managed Custom Folders. , and Managed Folder Mailbox Policies.Use the EMC to manage Retention Policies and Retention Tags – the new Messaging Records Management (MRM) feature introduced in Exchange 2010. For more information, see Deploying Messaging Records Management.