Exchange 2010 SP1 Hotfix Prerequisites

Like many of you, I was excited to see that Exchange 2010 SP1 was released earlier this week.  I downloaded and and ran it right away on my demo lab environment to be immediately disappointed with the following error:


Ok, so Exchange needs some prerequisites, no big deal, right?  I wish they were in the Microsoft Update queue, but hey its brand spanikin’ new so maybe they haven’t gotten to it yet.

I then clicked the link(s) to get the downloads and was greeted again by an error!



Ask my question on Bing… that’s rich.

So finally, I TYPED the links, one at a time to finally get to a page with hotfixes for download.  Yeah, I know typing is required from time to time, but don’t tease me with hyperlinks that don’t work Microsoft!  Smile

Anywho, the links are a grab bag of hotfixes.  Some from the MSDN site, others from the Connect site.  Not very reassuring as many of these links are with a lesser SLA from Microsoft…

Once I installed the updates, Exchange 2010 SP1 did install successfully (it took about an hour).  Also worth noting, while it wants a reboot after each one, I just did them all followed by a single reboot at the end.

Finally, to save you the trouble of rounding up all the updates – here is a ZIP I made with them ready to go:


Looks like you can also get them from this link as well (one at a time):