BES 5.0.2 and Exchange 2010 SP1

I’m pleased to report Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0.2 is now supported with Exchange 2010 SP1.

I’ve been checking this page frequently and noticed just this week BES updated the checkbox below:


Notice the (9) after the check mark. If you scroll down you’ll see the footnote:


That KB is called:

Cannot add users to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 in an environment that includes Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1

You can read more about it here:

Essentially it states you’ll run into problems if you choose to deploy Exchange 2010 without public folders (click the link for the fix).  While this could have been true with versions prior to SP1 the (9) only shows in the SP1 column.  Not sure why.