Cloud-Based BES Services With BPOS / Office 365

blackberry_logoTwo big pieces of news hits the Blackberry administrators and users today:


  1. Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange (BPOS / Office 365) will offer free Blackberry licenses (provided you’re already paying for your mailbox)
  2. RIM will soon offer a cloud-based BES service

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5 thoughts on “Cloud-Based BES Services With BPOS / Office 365

  1. Bonjour

    J’ai un probleme avec un Exchange sur une vmware, ma basse de donnee grossit anormalement tous les jours et j’ai desactivé les logs,,

    Bonne Journée

    • I don’t speak French, sorry. Google Translate says:

      “I have a problem with Exchange on a vmware, my coffee grows abnormally given every day and I turned off the logs”

      But I’m sure that’s not what you mean! 🙂

      Please try posting technical questions in the forums instead.

  2. Do you think this is really a feature at this point? How many people are still using Blackberry (unless you are a fed)

    I setup a blackberry enterprise server express last week (becuase it is finally free) just seems like so much work to give someone something they can have out of the box with all other devices. I think if RIM does not jump on the Active Sync bandwagon they will have a hard time selling devices very soon.

    There are some nice features you can do with blackberry server in terms of security, but I always come back to how secure is it to have your messages route to another source and then back to you? Maybe I am missing something.

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