Microsoft Office 365: A “Tales From The Trenches” Roundtable Webcast

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The long awaited release of Microsoft Office 365 has arrived. Now what? As nice as it would be to flip a switch and perform your migration, we all know the process is a bit more involved. So, how do you get there from here?

Join Planet and Microsoft experts who’ve been in the trenches participating in thousands of migrations to O365 to date. In this one hour interactive roundtable, they’ll share insights into:

  • Lessons learned from the early Beta adopters regarding the biggest challenges and hurdles to deployment
  • The critical need to address the underlying health of your Active Directory PRIOR to migration, and specific steps for cleaning up your environment
  • Security issues and features
  • Realistic migration timeline expectations
  • A head-to-head analysis of O365 and the competition

There is no cost to participate but space is limited so register today!



About Planet Technologies

Planet Technologies is recognized world-wide as a leading expert in the integration and customization of Microsoft technologies, architecture, security and management consulting.  We offer Microsoft based solutions around business intelligence, CRM, collaboration and messaging, cloud services, desktop deployment, SharePoint solutions, unified communications, virtualization and more. Visit us a

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 365: A “Tales From The Trenches” Roundtable Webcast

  1. Mike – I ran across your site after searching the internet for a solution to our major problem. Last Friday we launched our new Exchange 2010 Server and pretty much nailed it except for few users (2 to be exact). One is utilizing Outlook 2010 and the other is utilizing Office for Mac 2010, we have had successful migration and deployment for other similar user types except for these 2! Which happen to be the president and CFO of the company :(!

    Both failed users receive 550 5.7.1 error message when trying to send emails, both can receive email with no problem.

    Both are setup as Pop3 with SSL encryption ports pop3 port 995/smtp 587
    utilize incoming mail server info

    Both can send email via the web access

    We have purchased an SSL certificate and applied but still no luck.
    Do you have any suggestions or can you point me to the correct area to get this matter resolved?

  2. Why do I love this?
    – Green product – no more disks to buy (and eventually throw away)
    – Solid Price
    – it’s Office 2010: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Onenote (the best note-taking app in the industry!)
    – SmartArt
    – WebApps

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