A Picture Says a Thousand Words: TechNet Forums Now Supports Images

While replying to a question on the TechNet support forums, I noticed a little green button that wasn’t there before:

Green Image Upload Button

It seems that Microsoft has finally created a way to upload pictures to the forums!  No more feeling around in the dark, trying to guess what’s wrong.

As the seasoned forum participants will tell you, this isn’t entirely new.  You’ve always been able to add an image if it was hosted by another site via editing the thread’s HTML manually, but the introduction of this button will now allow you to store images with Microsoft; no 3rd party site needed.  And more importantly, this will allow anyone to upload a screenshot.

Once you upload an image, there are controls to drag it into place, as well as controls to resize.

I’m curious to see how this goes.  While I think it’s a needed addition, I would imagine there is a high risk of abuse, or worse, administrators accidently exposing sensitive information about their environments.


Do you use the TechNet forums?  If no, why not?  What other forums do you like?

2 thoughts on “A Picture Says a Thousand Words: TechNet Forums Now Supports Images

  1. As you know I find it a pain.

    There is no consideration taken to people on slow lines or with slow computers who do not have to wait for images to open.

    While it was possible before to add images by putting the image on a site somewhere, it was a bit more difficult so people tended to add images only when they were really needed.

    Since this button is there people seem to be adding images even when it was easily possible to describe the problem in text (and often when they *also* have already described the problem in text).

    • Mike, thanks for your comment! You make valid points; however I never got the impression Microsoft geared the TechNet forums for low bandwidth anyway. I believe the new button *could* lead to faster answered questions, which is obviously more important than holding back for the few administrators with inadequate bandwidth to browse today’s graphic-intensive internet. Also this may actually increase performance and security for users who previously hosted images with outside parties. –Just one man’s opinion.

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