How to Connect the BlackBerry Device Simulator to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Screenshots)

Let me start off by acknowledging this isn’t exactly an original topic.  Many have discussed it in the various BlackBerry-related forums and RIM has an official article on it (albeit very old).  I even found a video with similar instructions for BES 4x.  What I couldn’t find however was an illustrated and current (BES 5x) walkthrough of testing “Enterprise Activation” from a simulated handheld; so if that’s what you are after, please read on…


Before I get into the steps themselves let’s take a look at one of the simulators, which is based on Blackberry OS 7 device software:

You should know this software is free!  You can download it here after you complete the registration.BlackBerry Device Simulator

Once you run through the application setup, you’re greeted with this intuitive interface


Within, you can do all softs of fun things such as navigate the menus, take screenshots, simulate use of the touchscreen, compass and more.

BlackBerry Device Simulator Device Manipulator

What we’re after today however is Enterprise Activation (the process of associating the handheld with a Blackberry Enterprise Server).

Initially, I was discouraged to see Enterprise Activation was not working via the normal process:

Activation Request failed.  A service connection is unavailable


But after some research I learned it can be completed via simulating a USB connection to the BAS interface instead.

To accomplish this, follow the below steps:

(Click images to enlarge)

1. Launch the simulator. You may need to resize the screen and click through a few pop-ups to get to the device’s main screen. BlackBerry Device Simulator Pop-ups
2. From the Simulate menu button, select USB Cable Connected. USB Cable Connected
3. From the same computer, launch the BAS web site. Accept certificate warnings and install ActiveX CAB files as prompted. Depending on your browser configuration you may need to adjust the security settings.

BlackBerry Administrative Service

The default URL is: https://server.domain.local:443/webconsole/login

Internet Explorer blocked an ActiveX control, so this page might not display correctly.


4. You can verify the device is properly connected by expanding the Devices menu tree on the left and selecting Device properties. BAS Device properties
5. Before you can begin the  EA process, you need to create a user. Select a user from your directory that does not currently have a Blackberry device. To do this, expand the BlackBerry solution management menu tree on the left and select Create a user.

6. Once on this screen, simply select Search from the right. It will pull up all of the users in your Exchange Server environment.

BAS Create a user
7. Select a test user and click Continue. BAS User Selection
8. On the following screen, select Create a user without activation password. BAS Create a user without activation password
9. Expand the Devices menu tree on the left and select Manage current device. BAS Manage current device
10. Select Assign the current device to a user. BAS Assign the current device to a user
11. Click Search once again and select the test user.

12. Click Associate user.

BAS Associate user
13. Once complete, notice a new envelope icon on the simulator (covered with a briefcase). This represents the new EA relationship. Blackberry device main screen
14. Touch the new envelope and compose a test message. Blackberry device test message
15. Verify it reached its destination and that the message was saved to your test user’s Sent Items folder. OWA Sent Items folder


And we’re done! I hope this was helpful.

10 thoughts on “How to Connect the BlackBerry Device Simulator to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (Screenshots)

  1. Sorry, I’m not the best person to evaluate this for you. Different regions have different levels of coverage and performance. You might want to talk to your employer’s IT department and get some local opinions and advice.

  2. Good article. But do you also know how to activate an email account that is not available in an outlook profile? I would like to add an email account that is outside my own company’s domain.

  3. Great job, I have been trying to figure this out for hours… The only extra tip I can give is that it seems like Internet Explorer is required, and if your simulated device doesn’t show up in the Attache devices, then try to right click inside the devices box and select refresh!

  4. “This would be fantastic but I have found the the option “USB Cable Connected” is greyed out. Any ideas?”

    Install the USB Drivers

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