100,000 and Counting…

I am proud to report that today this blog has reached 100,000 views! Maintaining this site has been very rewarding for me, and I’m happy to have been able to contribute to the technical community, which has served me very well since I entered the infotech industry ten years ago.

WordPress.com provides statistics on how every blog is used.  Here are some facts about mine:

  • My post on setting logon wallpaper for Windows 7 has been my most popular
  • Google’s search results have sent most of my readers (by far). TechNet forums comes in 2nd
  • Google has sent people to this site at a rate 34x to that of Bing
  • Only 9 viewers have used ask.com to find me (GASP!)
  • The anti-spam feature for comments is very good, though the comment spam I receive has been surprisingly complementary; I’m half way inclined to let it through. Winking smile

Thanks to all my visitors.  Please share my site with a friend, visit the sites that pay my bills (Mike’s Links – top right), and if you have any topic suggestions or feedback in general, please contact me!

2 thoughts on “100,000 and Counting…

  1. Congrats! Our blog gets the bulk of its traffic from Google search and various MSFT forums too, though a lot of the keywords are now unprovided.
    I don’t know as we’ve ever gotten any traffic from ask.com, but we do get the odd referral from Yahoo! Answers 😉

    • Thanks! They used to group the keywords with the search engines themselves, but the data is still available, if you combine top referrers with top search terms.

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