I’m Speaking @ IT/Dev Connections – UPDATED!


I am 34,000 feet in the air at the moment, headed to the IT / Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! Judging by the list of sessions and speakers, I expect this to be a great event. I am also very interested to see how many of you all are in attendance, especially since Microsoft has killed so many of their conferences (MEC, MMS, etc).

I have once again been given an opportunity to present at this seminar, so I invite you to attend both of my sessions:

 Tuesday @ 1:45 in Pinyon 2 – Exchange Online Protection In-Depth

 Wednesday @ 1:15 in Pinyon 2 – Mastering PowerShell for Exchange Online

This blog post will also serve as the means to download my PowerPoint presentations as well as the PowerShell samples, so check back after my sessions are over for those.


Thanks for everyone who attended my sessions! Here are the resources as promised:

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