100,000 and Counting…

I am proud to report that today this blog has reached 100,000 views! Maintaining this site has been very rewarding for me, and I’m happy to have been able to contribute to the technical community, which has served me very well since I entered the infotech industry ten years ago.

WordPress.com provides statistics on how every blog is used.  Here are some facts about mine:

  • My post on setting logon wallpaper for Windows 7 has been my most popular
  • Google’s search results have sent most of my readers (by far). TechNet forums comes in 2nd
  • Google has sent people to this site at a rate 34x to that of Bing
  • Only 9 viewers have used ask.com to find me (GASP!)
  • The anti-spam feature for comments is very good, though the comment spam I receive has been surprisingly complementary; I’m half way inclined to let it through. Winking smile

Thanks to all my visitors.  Please share my site with a friend, visit the sites that pay my bills (Mike’s Links – top right), and if you have any topic suggestions or feedback in general, please contact me!

Some Resume Advice

I realize I haven’t posted in a while. I hope I haven’t lost my place in anyone’s RSS reader! I’m working on several articles, but it’s been very busy at Planet Technologies, and I’ve struggled to find much “blog time”.  Smile

We’ve actually been so busy, I’m looking for consultants to join our team and help me out! Sadly, in my search for qualified individuals, I have been amazed at how many horrible resumes I have encountered!

I wanted to take a moment to pass along some pointers, for any of you looking for work in the fun and exciting field of Information Technology!!

Note: This is my personal rant opinion and not necessarily the opinions of my employer. 😉

Do: Understand a resume is a sales brochure; not a database of all facts about you.
Why: Look up the acronym: TLDNR
Don’t: List old irrelevant technologies (unless you invented them).
Why: It can make you seem out of touch; a horrible designation in the technology business.
Examples: Windows 95, DOS, LaserDisc
Don’t: List old certifications unless you also have the accompanying newish ones.
Why: It may suggest you are no longer motivated.
Examples: NT4 MCSE
Don’t: Try to stretch a single technology into many
Why: We may be proud of the new checkbox we learned about last week, but it by itself doesn’t warrant precious resume real estate. Besides, nobody is doing a resume search for “DHCP Administrator” anyway!
Examples: A simple “Windows Networking” is instead represented as: DNS, DHCP, WINS, Ethernet.
Don’t: List model numbers.
Why: This shows you are desperate to fill the page.  Additionally, they are likely to become obsolete quickly.
Examples: PowerEdge 1850, Cisco 2800
Do: Create multiple resumes for different purposes and understand what terms can be searched in wherever you’re submitting.
Why: You may be happy with a consulting gig or landing a nice comfy admin position. These resumes should not look alike.
Do: Offer to provide a project-based resume upon request.
Why: It shows you’re happy to talk shop with the right audience, but you acknowledge the person reading the resume may not appreciate the extra clutter.
Do: List your resume with multiple websites.
Why: Employers have to pay to use Monster, Career Builder, Dice, etc. and may not have multiple subscriptions.
Don’t: List the names of utilities on your resume.
Why: A constructor doesn’t list each tool on his tool belt and you shouldn’t be either.
Examples: ipconfig, msconfig, ADUC, etc.
Do: Understand there are no rules; despite what you learned in school or heard on TV.
Why: Employers are going to Google you, perhaps your address or school and form opinions based on the information you expose. This could be direct or indirect. Life isn’t fair, but you can be prepared and market yourself accordingly.
Do: Be aware, if submitting resume online, it doesn’t need to be visually striking. Crazy fonts, weird paragraph lines don’t help.
Why: It can make it difficult to read.
Do: List acronyms AND their full meaning.
Why: Employers may search for “System Center” and it’d be a shame if they missed you because you put “SCCM”.  The reverse is also true.
Examples: AD, Win2k8, E2k7


Below are some screenshots from a popular job search engine. As you can see, there is no leetspeak translation feature!  You may wish to consider this “employer view” when trying to optimize your resume for employer’s searches:




Independence day is coming!

Declaration Of Independence

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