About Mike Crowley

In 2002, Mike began his career in Information Technology after serving in the US Marine Corps. He started as a computer technician for a small business, which led him into technology consulting and training. Mike flourished in this capacity, acquiring deep knowledge in the space, which afforded him the opportunity to design and implement systems impacting millions of people across government, education and private sectors. Years later, Mike found himself managing teams of top-notch consultants at a company known for its global leadership in Microsoft services.

In 2015, Mike and a business partner launched Baseline Technologies, a consulting firm based in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. The Baseline Technologies team offers world-class technology advisory, training and implementation services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

In addition to his numerous technical certifications, Mike is also a 7-time recipient of the Microsoft MVP award, for his leadership and knowledge throughout the IT community.

A quote from Mike

“I’ve been fascinated with technology for as long as I can remember. It’s been a real joy to participate in an industry that rewards me for doing what I love and allows me to learn new things, on the job, every day.”

Contact Mike

Twitter: @MikeTCrowley

Email: Mike [at] MikeCrowley.us

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