Microsoft Transporter Suite Updated

The Microsoft Transporter Suite is a free tool that can be used to migrate IMAP, POP and Domino email content into an Exchange 2007 environment.  I’ve been working with the Transporter Suite on a few projects over the past year, and am pleased to see it is now finally a multi-threading application (for POP/IMAP only)!  This should resolve a lot of the performance issues I (and others) have been having.


More info here:

Release month/year


 February 2009

·      Added support for multi-threading of POP/IMAP migrations.

·      Improved stability of the POP/IMAP migration tool.

·      Improved support for different POP/IMAP Administrator authentication models (support for proxy authentication).

·      Improved support for IMAP forward/reply flags.

·      Added support for additional POP/IMAP servers.

June 2008

·      Improved handling of in-line images in migrated messages.

·      Improved handling of unread messages in migrations from University of Washington IMAP server implementations.

·      Fixed an issue whereby attachments could get misnamed.

·      General enhancements for the Transporter user interface.

The tool also has several updates for Domino:

Release month/year


February 2009

·      Removed the Transporter Application Analysis node

·      Added support for Windows Server 2008 and Domino R8

·      Improved migration of recurring meetings and updated recurring meetings

·      Improved stability of Free/Busy service

·      Improved support for multidomain Active Directory topologies

·      Improved support for moving Domino Groups

·      Improved support for moving anniversaries

June 2008

·      Improved migration of meeting messages from Lotus Notes

·      Fixed an issue whereby user attributes for contacts in Active Directory may be lost after contacts are migrated from Lotus Notes

·      Better handling of proxy addresses to avoid spurious duplicate address warnings

Download the tools here.

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