Exchange 2010 SP1 Hotfix Prerequisites

Like many of you, I was excited to see that Exchange 2010 SP1 was released earlier this week.  I downloaded and and ran it right away on my demo lab environment to be immediately disappointed with the following error:


Ok, so Exchange needs some prerequisites, no big deal, right?  I wish they were in the Microsoft Update queue, but hey its brand spanikin’ new so maybe they haven’t gotten to it yet.

I then clicked the link(s) to get the downloads and was greeted again by an error!



Ask my question on Bing… that’s rich.

So finally, I TYPED the links, one at a time to finally get to a page with hotfixes for download.  Yeah, I know typing is required from time to time, but don’t tease me with hyperlinks that don’t work Microsoft!  Smile

Anywho, the links are a grab bag of hotfixes.  Some from the MSDN site, others from the Connect site.  Not very reassuring as many of these links are with a lesser SLA from Microsoft…

Once I installed the updates, Exchange 2010 SP1 did install successfully (it took about an hour).  Also worth noting, while it wants a reboot after each one, I just did them all followed by a single reboot at the end.

Finally, to save you the trouble of rounding up all the updates – here is a ZIP I made with them ready to go:


Looks like you can also get them from this link as well (one at a time):

7 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 SP1 Hotfix Prerequisites

  1. Why an earth are they not included in Exchange SP1 then? Or produce an SP1.5 to include them??! No, instead they waste thousands of other people’s time pathcing their software for them. Its bizarre, and I doubt any other software vendor could get away with this negligent behaviour.

    I no longer understand how MS can be so dysfunctional as to not be able to produce software that installs on their own operating systems.

    • Amen to that. What a complete tits up on behalf of Microsoft. There’s just no awareness of what the customer is going to have to go through to meet the pre-reqs. Idiotic idea this was.

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